Aptium Oncology's Corporate IT Department has signed an agreement with Orlando Health to consult on the development of a custom oncology physician flow sheet for Orlando Health's Electronic Medical Record (EMR). Orlando Health is one of Florida's most comprehensive private, not-for-profit healthcare networks, serving nearly two million Central Florida residents and 4,500 international visitors annually.

The agreement calls for Aptium Oncology to deliver configurations for oncology EMR to Orlando Health that the latter can evaluate and execute at any of several hospitals within the system.

Orlando Health's clinical leadership expressed initial interest in Aptium's oncology-specific EMR after listening to web and in-person presentations by Nicole Valdez, Aptium's Senior Analyst IT/EMR Services, to groups of Eclipsys users. The interest culminated in the agreement, with Aptium's Suzanne Bledsoe, Vice President IT/EMR Services, and Toon Prasertsit, Manager IT/EMR Services, spearheading the project.

Wes Scruggs, Aptium's Chief Information Officer, states, "Aptium's EMR team has developed significant expertise in how to configure EMR components to meet the unique needs of busy hospital-based oncologists." He notes that the EMR team evolved this capability while configuring EMR at an Aptium-affiliated facility, the Comprehensive Cancer Center at Desert Regional Medical Center in Palm Springs, CA, to meet the specific needs of the center's clinicians. "There is currently a critical demand for this same expertise in oncology settings, as it greatly enhances physician practice and patient care."

Wes adds, "All members of our EMR team have invested time and effort in public forums, including online web conferences, and speaking at the Eclipsys User Network (EUN) Meetings, to share our 'How We Did It' story with other hospital executives and clinicians. Their efforts have resulted in securing the agreement with Orlando Health, as well as site visits from City of Hope. Our team's ability to demonstrate immediate value should continue to allow us to develop our EMR Consulting Business."

Prasertsit concludes, "Credit for our EMR success goes primarily to the physicians and staff at the Comprehensive Cancer Center who were willing to pilot the EMR and spend significant time with us to create the best possible system. Dr. Elber Camacho led the effort and was instrumental in guiding us through this implementation," he says of the medical director's participation.

Mickie Cason-Boehm, Pharmacy Analyst IT/EMR Team, Valdez and Prasertsit are presenting again at the EUN meeting in San Diego on October 11 and 12, 2010.

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