"My staff and management team view the Aptium Oncology IT team as full partners who we can count on to deliver the desired results under aggressive timelines. They are easy to work with, easy to access, and are very flexible in responding to the complex needs of our cancer centers. Unlike other IT providers, Aptium has a comprehensive and deep understanding of oncology, its processes, data and applications."
Michael J. Zeller
Senior Administrative Director
Clinical Cancer Centers
NYU Langone Medical Center


Crucial to oncology-specific IT solutions is a team well-versed in cancer care settings, to ensure that the solutions meet unique specifications and are seamlessly integrated with a facility’s platform and processes. The Aptium Healthcare IT Consulting's team is a small but highly specialized group of professionals who have enjoyed long-term collaborative relationships with their clients.

We talk and listen to our key customers – oncologists, physicians and front-line staff - to build integrated solutions that touch nearly every aspect of cancer care. This allows them focus on their most important customer, the patient.

Wesley L. Scruggs    more photo
Chief Information Officer

Suzanne Bledsoe    more photo
Vice President, Information Technology

Lydia Rodriguez    more photo
Director of Patient Management Applications

Donna Campo    more photo
Director of Revenue Application