"Aptium has worked successfully with our cancer center to develop and implement a custom, state-of-the-art oncology EMR. Their team generated and perfected a system that coordinates our complex, multidisciplinary program with the needs of our physicians and clinicians. The end result is enhanced, best-in-class care for our patients."
Ken Wheat
Chief Operating Officer


Delivering information technology solutions for coordinated cancer care

The new era of healthcare demands technology solutions that drive clinical excellence, improved outcomes and cost savings. With more than 25 years of experience in oncology-specific information technology solutions, Aptium Healthcare IT Consulting is uniquely qualified to deliver market-leading IT solutions for coordinated cancer care.

Aptium Healthcare IT Consulting builds the systems and end-to-end solutions that enable oncologists and clinicians to access high-quality information for better decision-making. The result is better connectivity and streamlined workflows that allow them to focus on what matters most - optimized patient care.

Aptium Healthcare IT Consulting's innovative approach results in oncology-specific infrastructure and custom configured applications that elevate oncology service lines at premier hospitals, academic medical centers and community-based providers across the country. Think of us as the oncology IT experts who enable your front-line success.